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LTC Amanda Harrington – Army Futures Command (AFC)

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Reported by Ann Graham

At the July 2nd meeting of the Rotary Club of Austin, President Bill Davies called to order our first meeting of the new 2019-2020 Rotary year! Past President Barry Curlee led the pledges and Past President Pete Meeker gave the invocation. Pauline Gubbels led us in the Four Way Test. Nick Hesselsweet and Pauline Gubbels greeted members and guests at the top of the stairs, while Mary Reynolds, Carl Noble and Jackie Sinex served at the registration table. Carl Noble also announced our many visitors and guests.


  • The 70th Annual Marble Falls Rotary Fish Fry is Friday, July 12, at 6 p.m.
  • Don and Lise Grillo will host our next Wine Party on Friday, July 19 at 6:30 p.m. at their home at the Towers of Town Lake, 40 North IH 35, Unit 12A1.
  • Cindy Brummer gave our Global Awareness Update on the Bangalore Grant to fund two years of English language instruction for 3rd through 8th graders in India. The total grant is $240,000; our Club raised more than half of that amount; and the first payment has just been delivered to the Bangalore Rotary Club.
  • Kimberly Gdula presented our Membership Minute. She moved to Austin 11 years ago and is a partner at the law firm of Jackson Walker, specializing in problem solving for healthcare clients.
  • During today’s Thank Goodness Basket, led by Josue Limon, contributions which go to the Austin Rotary Club Foundation to fund our Club’s many good works, we heard from:
  • Don Ray George thanked David Doran and the Rotary Club of Austin for the four Youth Exchange students we are sending to Australia this summer.
  • Ellen Hunt is thankful for finishing the East Panama Global Grant and getting it submitted to RI.
  • Mike O’Krent will be the keynote speaker at the Marble Falls Fish Fry.
  • Vlad Bahrencu is our new Sergeant at Arms and will be seeking volunteers for the pledges, invocation and Membership Minute each week.
  • Sara Pantin’s grandson has started visiting universities and is growing up too fast.
  • Ron Mullen thanked everyone for signing the card that was sent and for their prayers and visits on behalf of his wife, Carole, who has been in the ICU. That she improved is a testament to the power of prayer.

After several minutes of Fellowship time, Program Chair Tarby Bryant introduced our speaker, LTC Amanda Harrington, who spoke to us about the Army Futures Command, headquartered in Austin. LTC Harrington was also a Rotary Youth Exchange student to Germany many years ago.

On July 22, the Army Futures Command will host a “Thank You, Austin!” event to celebrate their first year of existence. They are part of the largest Army reorganization since 1973, and their purpose is to make sure the Army maintains dominance militarily and to modernize operations. A major operational challenge is to anticipate new global threats and competitors.

LTC Harrington said their Operation is designed to “fail fast, learn, and move forward.” She also said that artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are incorporated into the mission; and that the Army Futures Command has 24,000 personnel in 28 states, with 500 in Austin.

Harlow RussellNext week we’ll hear from Harlow Russell about “Asian Millenials versus American Millenials: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. President Bill adjourned our meeting after recognizing and thanking our newsletter sponsors for the week – Reggie Nisbett (Greater Texas Water Company) and Mike O’Krent (Life Stories Alive).

More About Our Speaker:

LTC Amanda Harrington - AFC

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