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Members Showcase—Lois Ann Stanton, Tim Von Dohlen and Brad Wiewel

Posted by on Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 in Blog

Reported by James Gavin

President Sara Pantin called the meeting to order. Mark Kapner led us in the pledges. Russell Gallahan delivered the invocation emphasizing Rotary’s openness to members of all faiths. Ken King led the Four Way Test. Heather Toolin greeted us at the top of the stairs, and Carl Noble introduced guests and visiting Rotarians.

President Sara accepted a banner from two visiting Rotarians from Yorkshire, UK and exchanged one of our ARC banner with them.

Tillery Castillo announced our Club’s Spring BBQ and Family Party for the afternoon of April 21.

Andy Swanson gave a Membership Minute and announced a new membership drive challenge for members. Scott Rider won a bottle of wine in today’s drawing, and a much nicer bottle of wine will be awarded to whoever sponsors the most members between now and the Spring BBQ on April 21st!

President Sara noted the growing number of handbags that are being collected for the Texas Advocacy Project and elaborated on the genesis of the program among Austin area Rotary Clubs.

Mary Reynolds announced an upcoming Career Day at Pecan Springs Elementary on May 24. Please let her know if you’d like to speak with the students about your career!

Past President Harold Ingersoll introduced the three speakers for today’s Members Showcase. It was a very entertaining program with the three attorneys providing practical advice for members through humor.

Lois Ann Stanton related her journey to becoming an estate planning attorney. Her key points were to identify a good lawyer, check your beneficiaries, make a list of things you want your heirs to know about you, and don’t forget your pets. Lois Ann was surprised by a client who recently prepared a codicil to leave his pet to her.

Past President Tim Von Dohlen highlighted his association with Goliad and how his great-grandfather was instrumental in finding the bones of the victims of the Goliad massacre. As a Texas Representative, Tim chaired the Texas/Mexico initiative during NAFTA negotiations and coordinated the visit of the Mexican President the day the bill was signed.

Brad Wiewel spoke about his journey to becoming an estate planning attorney. He recommends good planning for married women as 90% of widowers remarry while being welcomed by the casserole club shortly after the wife’s funeral. He also shared a funny analogy about the only difference between in-laws and outlaws is that outlaws are wanted.

Thank you to our three member speakers for an interesting meeting!

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