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Lynn Moak—Texas School Reform

Posted by on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 in Blog

Reported by Margaret Curtis

President Sara Pantin called the meeting to order and the audiovisual gods immediately smiled on Jennifer Olsen. Rich Fikani led us in the pledges, Past President Gaines Bagby delivered the Invocation, and Anselmo Garza led us in the Four Way Test. Carl Noble introduced a visiting Rotarian from California and many new guests of Rotarians. Sam Greer greeted us at the top of the stairs.

Tillery Castillo promoted the fast approaching Rotary Club of Austin Spring Fiesta, a special occasion to invite prospective new members, family, and friends on Saturday April 21, from 3-6 at Tillery’s workplace, Austin City Realty. TILLERY IS DOING ALL THE COOKING!! See the details and where to RSVP on the flyer on page 10 of this newsletter.

President Elect Julie Benkoski is ailing with pneumonia at St. David’s Hospital South on Ben White (Room 714). We send our prayers and good wishes for Julie’s speedy recovery!

President Sara announced that two weeks ago members from our Club donated over 250 handbags in support of Handbags for Hope, serving women living in shelters. New Members, that’s how Rotarians Help other Helpers — it’s one of the things we do!

Books for Me! at Pecan Springs Elementary will be taking place the week of May 11-17th. This is a wonderful chance to help a child pick a new book to take home (a cooperative program with Austin’s BookSpring organization). Please let Jon Yates know if you’d like to volunteer.

There will be an Executive Committee meeting next Tuesday April 17th at 1:30 pm. Red Badgers, this is an opportunity to learn more about the Club’s workings (and check that membership requirement of your list.)

After Fellowship time, Tom Anderson introduced his longtime colleague and friend, Lynn Moak to present an overview of State Constitutional history and current day complexity of public school financing in Texas.

One in five Texas residents is a student or an employee in the vast system of locally elected school districts. The State’s constitutional obligation to provide public education is challenged by the constitutional prohibition on a State property tax.

Lynn’s insightful presentation inspired good questions from the audience. Rotarians will undoubtedly learn more about this complex subject in order to vote and lead responsibly.

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