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Becky Klein, Trends in Texas Energy & Power Markets

Posted by on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 in Blog

Meeting held on February 2, 2016, Recorded by Anita Landwehr

President Harold Ingersoll called the meeting to order right at noon. Jackie Sinex led the pledges and President Elect-Elect Sara Pantin gave the invocation. Pauline Gubbels led us in reciting the “FOUR WAY TEST”. Daryl Benkendorfer was our greeter at the top of the stairs and Carl Noble checked-in and introduced our visitors and guests.

We watched Paul Liebman turn his Red Badge in for a Blue one — Congratulations, Paul!

Then President Harold and Mary Reynolds gave a recap announcement of last weekend’s Stop Hunger Now Event. Mary thanked everyone who showed up to volunteer. It was overwhelming and the organizer for Stop Hunger Now was very impressed with both the turn out and great help from a well oiled Rotarian machine. Stop Hunger Now is getting this food to schools in Third World countries in order to entice children to school to learn, with the incentive of having a meal and to bring home a meal for their family.

Jim Bryce gave his Global Awareness Update on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

President Harold made several announcements then presented Michele Heyman with her PHF +3 pin. We also acknowledged Jerry Ballard for his PHF +2, Jim Boyce for his PHF +7 and Garry Vacek for his PHF +2. Congratulations Michele, Jerry, Jim and Garry!

Bill Koen led the Thank Goodness Basket and we heard from:

  • Ellen Hunt – Talked about the Rotary Exchange Students and the families and volunteers in Austin and
    Georgetown that hosted. Please consider hosting and volunteering in the future.
  • Barry Curlee – Apologized for talking all about himself last week and he wanted reiterate the Rotary mission is
    Service Above Self and to mention what great speakers we have, and wonderful service projects and he especially
    enjoyed the Stop Hunger Now one last week and encouraged everyone to participate in events like this.
  • Ron Mullen – “From an old fossil, you youngsters better take care of yourself and appreciate good health.” His
    wife just suffered congestive heart failure and it sure gave him a scare. She is now doing great and Ron feels so
    very blessed for that.
  • Bill Koen – His sponsor Elliot Silverstone, who was not present today at Rotary, just completed the Austin
    3M half marathon.

Michael Abelson introduced our speaker, Becky Klein, with Klein Energy. Highlights from her presentation include:

  • Becky worked with the Bush Administration.
  • Texas leads the nation in prospecting and we have over 30% of the oil and gas supply in the nation.
  • Electricity – Texas leads nation in wind energy. 23% of the nation’s wind in produced in Texas. 15,635 MW.
  • Oil and Gas—Production has doubled, there is $209 Billion in escrow, 179,000 jobs gained, the Rainy Day Fund mostly funded by oil and gas. The downside: Rig counts are down, $2.6 Billion budget loss and 60k jobs lost.
  • Texas’ electricity is an island unto itself that is managed by ERCOT and is not under Federal jurisdiction.
  • Texas has more than 27 million people and we have plenty of reserves.
  • Electric prices in Texas is currently at $11.65 per KWH.
  • Solar energy will grow by 600% over the next few years.
  • Over the next 5 years, coal will be greatly reduced.
  • Anticipate adding 9k MW of solar and wind.
  • Currently addressing Cyber Utility Attacks.

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