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Changing of the Guard

Posted by on Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 in Blog

Meeting held on June 28th, 2016,
Recorded by Corey Gaskill

President Harold Ingersoll called the meeting to order directly at noon. Hannah Walker led the two pledges. Past President Ladd Pattillo gave the invocation for the day with reference to his thankfulness for his friends in Rotary and asked for help for all of us in our focus on Rotary. Barbara Van Dyke led us in reciting the timeless “FOUR WAY TEST”.

Michael Eden served as our “top-of-the-stairs” greeter and Rich Fikani introduced our twelve visitors and guests to the general membership.

President Harold introduced Grant Glauser as our newest member and called on his sponsor, Pauline Gubbels, to guide Grant to make the most of his Rotary membership. Welcome, Grant! President Harold then presented Blue Badges to Kirk Loerwald and Cindy Veidt. Congratulations, Kirk and Cindy!

Mavi Chapa took the microphone for a liberal 60 seconds to introduce herself during the Member Spotlight. She was born one of seven children in Monterrey, Mexico and was introduced to Rotary through a student exchange in Uruguay. In 1991, she helped to form the first Rotary Club in Mexico that included women in membership. She has been a member of Rotary ever since. She came to the USA in 2007 and is recently the proud owner of a permanent resident card! We also found out that Mavi is a Chemical Engineer.

President Harold made a variety of abbreviated announcements including: reminding us to check into social media for each meeting; reminding us of the memorial service for Jerry Ray this Friday; and he read a thank you note from Sgt. McPherson who, with his family, was the recipient of the most recent Operation Vacation weekend sponsored by our Club.

Bill Koen led the “Thank Goodness Basket” with participants including: himself, Past President Gaines Bagby (who thanked Tom Howard for his friendship and service to Jerry Ray), Cindy Veidt, President Harold, Michael Abelson and Past President Pete Meeker. Thanks were given for the volunteer efforts of our membership, the health of a spouse, the Texas Safari accomplishment of a son and the opportunity to vent on our legislature.

After a brief Fellowship time, Michael Abelson served as the Emcee for the “Changing of the Guard” program that included several of our members taking turns both poking fun at our accountant president, Harold Ingersoll, and then thanking him for his leadership and accomplishments during this past year. We learned from Harold’s daughter, Jessy, that the best way to begin a conversation with Harold is to bring up the subject of “cats”. Give it a try! The participating Rotarians were: Gaines Bagby, Jim Bryce, Mike O’Krent, Ronney Reynolds and Ann Graham. Thank you gifts were presented to Harold and his family as a show of the Club’s deep appreciation of his service.

Incoming President Dale Lowe then took the stage to introduce Judge Don Taylor, Past District Governor, who then conducted the installation and swearing in of the incoming officers.


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