Susan R. Nelson—Author and Motivational Speaker

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Reported by James Gavin

The meeting was called to order by President Sara Pantin. Nadir Abdeladim led the pledges. Amy Jackson gave the invocation. Ray Kang led the Four-Way Test and Josue Limon introduced our guests and visitors.

Will Holditch, Rob McCarthy and Sydney McCarthy were introduced as new members with their sponsor Richard Payton. Welcome, Will, Rob and Sydney!

Paul Harris Fellow Awards were presented to Jerry Ballard (PHF +3), Pauline Gubbels (PHF +7) and Luma Jaffar (PHF +1). Congratulations, and thank you each for your continued generosity!

Ellen Hunt announced that the Global Scholar Award for our newly approved scholar, Caroline Hackett, was increased by the District to $50,000 to defer the costs of her education in the Netherlands.

Past President Gaines Bagby ran through seven reasons to be a Rotarian in his one-minute Membership Minute, including mentioning the Shelterbox charity. Later in the meeting, President Sara announced that Shelterbox is a nominee for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

President Pantin announced the upcoming Mastermind meeting on Thursday and the Executive Committee Meeting at 1:30 today. Jim Bryce requested that Red Badge members attend a brief Orientation meeting at 1:00 today.

Michele Heyman stood in for Ann Graham and had a very successful Thank Goodness Basket.
We heard from: Jon Yates, Mark Kapner, Ellen Hunt, Michael Portman, Bruce Golden, John Fox, Tim Von Dohlen, Sherry Workman, Sylvia Holmes and Adrian Moore.

After brief Fellowship time, President Elect Nominee Bill Davies introduced our speaker Susan Nelson, who is the author of her book The Only Light I Saw Was in Galveston. My Six Year Journey Back…After Death! .

Ms. Nelson told about her journey as a young woman with goals of being an actress in New York while juggling diverse jobs in jewelry to bartending. While having dinner with a friend in Arlington, the friend’s roommate shot both Susan and her friend in the back of the head as they tried to escape to a patio. Her friend was killed while Susan lay in a coma for two weeks being given almost no chance of recovery. Despite the negative aspect of her situation, Susan found the courage to confront her disabilities and proceeded through the long rehabilitation period.

Susan told about her 16 year old Eagle Scout son and how she works with him to make positive choices in life.

During the questions, Susan was asked why she chose Galveston for her book. She related that she had many good memories of a house in Galveston, a dark peaceful place, and focusing on this helped her through her struggles.

President Sara adjourned the meeting after recognizing two of our newsletter advertisers, Andy Swanson and Dr. Grant Glauser.

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