Susan Morrison—League of Women Voters

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Meeting held on June 7th, 2016,
Recorded by Leslie Bagby

President-Elect Dale Lowe called the meeting to order right at noon. Joe Breeland led the pledges and Jim Bushnell gave the invocation. Andrew Mondi led us in reciting the “FOUR WAY TEST”. Michael Eden was our greeter at the top of the stairs and Rich Fikani checked-in our visitors and guests then introduced them during lunch.

Charles Doty announced an upcoming Summer Wine Tasting event at his and Betsy’s home on June 17, 2016. Please RSVP with him if you’re planning to attend. Also, if you’re interested in hosting, please contact Charles or Tillery Martin-Castillo.

Jim Bryce gave a Global Awareness Update; and President-Elect Dale reminded his Vice Presidents and Committee Chairs about the planning meeting at The Austonian this Saturday at 10 am.

After Fellowship time, Ann Graham introduced our speaker, Susan Morrison, an attorney with the Fowler Law Firm. Susan, who is a Kiwanian, has been very involved with the League of Women Voters for decades, serving on the Austin Area Board as editor of the Voters’ Guide and Membership Co-Chair.

Susan told her personal story about being a child of divorced parents and her family’s lack of child support. After becoming a lawyer, she worked with the League of Women Voters for over 4 years to push through the constitutional amendment that allows garnishing of wages for child support. This was attempted every year since 1958 and finally became law in 1983.

The mission of the League of Women Voters is to educate voters (men and women) and also legislators. Travis County has 93% of eligible voters registered to vote, but only 52% vote for national and state elections. The turn out is significantly lower for local elections (<30%) even though those elected have a greater influence on our day-to-day lives.

In the future there will likely be online voting and this will capture more of the younger voters. The League of Women Voters wants informed people to vote and to remember that every vote counts!

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