Sally Hernandez—Travis County Sheriff

Posted by on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 in Blog

Reported by Patrick Van Haren

Sheriff Sally Hernandez has spent her career in Central Texas Law Enforcement, with a focus on
jail standards, community outreach, mental health and public safety. Her formula for success is
enforcement + engagement + education.

Sheriff Hernandez supervises approximately 1,720 employees, and 400 volunteers with 50 different
programs. As part of mission, she has worked hard to reduce the 100 staff vacancies at the Travis
County Sheriff’s office to the current 24, thereby dramatically reducing overtime costs.

The Travis County jail system provides services to 2,462 inmates. Approximately 86.5% are male
and of those 64% are in Pre-trial holding. 13.5% are female of which 10% are in holding. 207 are
17-20 year olds. Of the 2,462 inmates, 28% are working via NAMI of Austin on mental health issues.

Sheriff Hernandez is keen to work with or partner with groups to prevent incarceration.

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