Rotary District 5870 Governor Jerry Chapman

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Reported by Reggie Nisbett

It was hotter than a habanero, with triple digit temperatures predicted for the rest of the week! This
did not deter the members of the Rotary Club of Austin, who filled the room from wall to wall for
another enlightening and informative meeting of our tremendous club. Bar-b-q brisket was on the
menu with a side of chocolate cake.

President Julia called the meeting to order. The roar of the new chairs on the floor surface did not rattle the President, however, who quipped with “Can you hear me now”. The new chairs are comfortable though! Audio visual was out today because the projector was broken, but the Club responded admirably without the electronic help on the pledges and the Four Way Test.

Ellen Hunt led the pledges and Will Holditch gave our invocation of the day. Chris Wike led us in reciting the Four Way Test.

Carl Noble greeted each member and guest as they arrived, and Sydney McCarthy introduced our guests and visitors, and wow, were there a lot of them! I counted at least 13. They were from around the country and around the world. All the way from Canada and the Netherlands.

President Julia introduced Fara Ranjbaran (and her sponsor Barry Curlee) as our newest Club member. Way to go Barry! I wonder how many new members he has sponsored over the years? Welcome, Fara! Be sure to go back and read her bio in last week’s newsletter if you haven’t already, it’s impressive.

We have a wine tasting coming up and Bobby Brown wants you there. He is so excited, we must all
show up just to see how cool it is at his place! See you there on July 27.

We heard from Dean Murray when he reminded us about the annual Helping Hand Home’s Back-to-School Splash Bash coming up in August. President Julie emphasized how important it is to the kids
that we have a large turn out for this event. It does the children good. Please be there on August 11
— it will be wet but fun!

This President keeps things running on time; and as a result we enjoyed a good bit of Fellowship for
at least ten minutes and the room was a roar of conversation. You can learn a lot in ten minutes of Rotary fellowship!

Past President Ronney Reynolds gave us a heart-felt introduction of our District Governor
Jerry Chapman. What a cheerleader he is for Rotary!

He reminded us that Rotary transcends culture and race, and the good things we accomplish is
spread all over the world! He said that while we will often never meet those that we help they will
know we are there by the presence of the Rotary wheel. Be proud to be a Rotarian! Wear your
Rotary pin proudly — people will ask and that’s your chance to shine as you tell them all about your
Rotary story!

See you next week!

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