PDG Sherri Muniz—Rotary Programs in India

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Meeting held on June 14th, 2016,
Recorded by Past President John Braun

President Harold Ingersoll called the June 14th meeting to order. Tracy Warren led the pledges and District Governor Elect and Past President Bruce Golden gave the invocation. Maddie Kadas led us in saying The Four Way Test. Andrew Mondi greeted each member and guest as they arrived and Daryl Benkendorfer introduced the guests and visitors.

President Harold introduced Jeff Lambert as our newest member. His sponsor is Michael Portman. Welcome, Jeff!

Charles Doty gave an update on the upcoming wine tasting this Friday night at his house. If you’d like to host a wine tasting in the upcoming year just let Charles know.

Pauline Gubbels was in the Member Spotlight; and Stephanie Perkins was awarded her first Paul Harris Fellowship. Congratulations, Stephanie!

Michael Portman led today’s Thank Goodness Basket, and we heard from: John Braun, Don Grillo, Sherry Workman, Mike O’Krent, Sara Pantin, Ronney Reynolds, Allison Allen, Tom Howard and Bill Baker.

Ann Graham introduced our speaker, PDG Sherri Muniz. She presented a talk on Rotary programs in India. Sheri and her husband have visited India 12 times on Rotary projects.

Highlights of Sherri’s presentation included: India has now been polio free since 2011 and this is a direct result of the Rotary commitment to eradicate polio from the planet. India has a multitude of problems in sanitation, basic literacy and disabilities of polio survivors.

There are 135,000 Rotarians in clubs all over India and they are attacking problems and finding solutions as only Rotarians can do. India is the third largest donor nation to The Rotary Foundation. Current Rotary projects include a sewing program to aid widows without work skills, basic schooling for extremely poor children, tricycles for victims of polio to allow mobility for school and employment and a factory producing artificial limbs. These are but a few of the practical programs that Rotary has in India.

Our next program is the annual wrap-up and awards ceremony.

President Harold adjourned the meeting.

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