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Reported by Arnold Garcia

Consider for a moment the words of a revered intellectual: “I see no hope for the future of our people if they are dependent on frivolous youth of today, for certainly all youth are reckless beyond words…”

Thus spoke the Greek poet Hesiod who lived in the 8th Century BC. Had Hesiod been present at the Rotary Club of Austin, he would have eaten those words as well as an excellent lunch.

On April 18, our club’s scholarship committee, led by Bob Bowman, introduced us to 16 exceptional youngsters who won scholarships to further not only their higher education, but also their lofty goals. The winners were a diverse group of students from different backgrounds. Some had deep Central Texas roots. Some came to us from Africa. Others came to us from Mexico. One came from China and one from Pakistan, with roots in Syria. What united them was their desire to live the fundamental Rotary commitment to service above self.

Austin High senior Daniel McCutchen, who will attend Harvard University, has already spearheaded a clean water project that gave 280 families in Burundi clean water for life. He wants to put his education to work making life better for immigrants in the U.S.

Consider Alexa Mathias who plans to attend Baylor University and eventually wants to be a teaching pediatrician in Rwanda.

Casey Breska plans to use her scholarship to continue a higher education interrupted eight years ago to work as a neo natal intensive care nurse. Her determination to reach high was truly inspirational.

Those are but a few examples of the quality of students Rotarians are helping with their donations to the scholarship fund. The reaction of our members to the accomplishments this group has already notched was audible, palpable as well as inspirational.

Each week, we Rotarians gather to reaffirm our commitment to our guiding principles and our pledge to put service above self. It is heartening to see those concepts translated into living, breathing, young people who not only reach high but beyond themselves to help others.

Hesiod’s erroneous observation proves that the ancient Greeks didn’t always get it right. And we’re lucky that they didn’t. These young people should reassure us all that the world will be a better place because of their effort. And we Rotarians should be proud that we helped them on their way to making their lives and the lives they will touch that much better.

The following summary for the April 18 lunch meeting was provided by the Executive Director:

President Dale Lowe called the Rotary Club of Austin (RCA) meeting to order. Adam Borger led the pledges and Chris Soileau gave the invocation of the day. Nadir Abdeladim led us in saying The Four Way Test. Pauline Gubbels served as greeter and Carl Noble introduced the large number of guests and visitors.

President Lowe, with assistance from President Elect Sara Pantin, introduced our two newest members David Palmer and Larry Rieber. Welcome, gentlemen! He then presented Daniela Marcone with her initial Paul Harris Fellowship Award. Congratulations, Daniela!

Mavi Chapa and Allison Batlin (a visiting Rotarian) provided an update about a new Global Grant we’re helping to fund in Warmbaths, South Africa. Followed by Jon Yates, who announced a local volunteer opportunity with the upcoming Pecan Springs Elementary School’s Books For Me project. President Lowe then called upon Past President Dick Brown to quickly share with us what he enjoys most about Rotary.

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