Father Wally Kasuboski—Man into the Mountains (of Panama)

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Reported by Reggie Nisbett

It’s a new Rotary year, and with a new president there were new amenities to the meeting room. A fresh new look greeted members with new table coverings and new chairs. The room was full to overflowing with hardly a seat to be had!

President Julia Benkoski called the meeting to order, and with the roar of new chair legs rubbing
across a clean floor the members came to their feet.

Vera Keric led the pledges and Arnold Garcia gave our invocation of the day. Will Holditch led us in a perfect rendition of the Four Way Test.

Sydney McCarthy greeted each member and guest as they arrived, and Carl Noble introduced our
guests and visitors. There were lot of them today. I counted twelve at least, and they were from all over the country.

President Julia introduced Cynthia Brummer (and her sponsor Jackie Sinex) as our newest Club member. Way to go Jackie!! Welcome, Cynthia!

Like a used car salesman on a 30 second TV ad, Bobby Brown wants you at the upcoming wine tasting. Promises the best time ever or your money back. July 27 at the home of Bobby and Lydia. You’ve just got to be there!

We had a Global Awareness Update presented by Girish Altekar. He announced that planning for next year is underway now and requests those interested in any of the Global Service Avenue committees to come forward and volunteer.

Thank Goodness Basket: We heard from several of our members who shared news of thanksgiving
for all to enjoy. We first heard from Michael Ableson, happy to report that his daughter has a new job and is moving out. Jim Bushnell is back, and his eye surgery has been a success. Don Ray George recognized David Doran for the job he is doing on the Group Youth Exchange and reminds us all David could use some help. Harold Ingersoll is glad to be back after a lovely time on the road with his family doing the “RV thing”. Ann Marie Ellis is thankful that her son has finished his assignment in Iraq and is safe.

Harold Benkoski, (grateful to be the first husband of Julia) introduced our speaker, Father Walter
Kasuboski who spoke about…Man into the Mountains (of Panama)…

“Father Wally” Kasuboski has worked in service projects in Nicaragua and on Montana’s Crow and Cheyenne Indian reservations. He was actively involved in the promotion of human rights issues in the Washington Office on Latin American and lobbied for approval of the Panama Canal Treaty.

We enjoyed an inspiring story of answering his calling to “Never forget the Poor”. Also a couple of other notable mentions that caught my attention were the following: “Rain water is safe water.” and “Life is like a blank book and it’s up to you to fill in the pages with your life story.”

Father Wally is a testament to the quality of Rotary programs that we enjoy when are there. You just had to have been there.

This was a wonderful first meeting for President Julie and she reminded us of next week’s special guest District Governor Jerry Chapman. Then, join us on July 24th for a presentation by our special speaker Dr. Judith Wolf –Small Steps to Improve the Health of Women in the U.S. and Beyond.

The meeting was adjourned right on time. You should have been here to drink it all in!

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