Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen, Prevention and Reversal of Alzheimer’s

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Reported by Leslie Bagby

President Dale Lowe called the meeting to order right at noon. Dick Brown led the pledges and Don Grillo gave the invocation. Griffon Ramsey led us in reciting the “FOUR WAY TEST.” Chris Forrest was our greeter at the top of the stairs and Rich Fikani introduced our visitors and guests.

Harvey Ford provided an overview of Texas Independence Day History and the celebrations going on this week in Austin.

In celebration of Rotary International’s 112th birthday, President Dale provided a cake and Gaines Bagby led us in singing “Happy Birthday.” Jack Mayo reminded us of the very first Rotary Club meetings with Paul Harris and three friends in Chicago on February 23, 1905.

Ronney Reynolds let us know that Operation Vacation, led by Mary Reynolds, provided two military families with a weekend of fun and food in the Austin area. In addition to cash, local hotels and restaurants donate their resources to pamper our brave soldiers and their families.

The Honorable Lee Yeakel, United States District Judge, was presented with his official portrait by artist, Ned Bittinger. At a ceremony on February 10, 2017, the portrait of Judge Yeakel was unveiled with many dignitaries in attendance. Ned Bittinger is an award winning artist whose list of portraits include: Dr. Henry Kissinger, Secretaries of State James A. Baker and Lawrence Eagleburger, and many other leaders in business, medicine and politics. Congratulations, Judge Yeakel!

President Dale introduced the newest Paul Harris Fellows: Nadir Abdeladim (PHF +1), Dick Brown (PHF +1), Kimberly Gdula (PHF), Mark Johnson (PHF +1) and John Pearce (PHF +3). Congratulations Rotarians!

The members were delighted to see Bill Baker, Vlad Bahrencu and Bert Pence back at Rotary. Bill offered thanks to everyone who called, sent cards and visited him in the hospital!

W. Gaines Bagby introduced our speaker, Dr. Sharon Hausman-Cohen, who presented “Reversing Cognitive Decline: An Integrative Approach” based on the latest research by Dr. Dale Bredesen. Dr. Hausman-Cohen is one of 90 physicians trained to prevent or reverse cognitive impairment with Dr. Bredesen’s approach. She stated that over the years 244 drugs were tested for Alzheimer’s and only one of them had a positive effect. The current research indicates that there are many pathways that contribute to memory loss and it is crucial to address as many targets as possible. Dr. Hausman-Cohen used the analogy of “a roof with 36 leaks.” The approach is to fill as many holes as possible. Below is from a handout provided to Rotarians in attendance:

  • Diet is the most crucial step: Low in sugar and high in vegetables and healthy proteins/fats are ideal (more nuts, seeds, avocados and fish)
  • Fasting a minimum of 12 hours every night
  • Exercise, sleep and stress control
  • Address lab abnormalities with an integrative or functional medicine trained doctor
  • Supplements: Co-Q10, Curcumin, Ashwganda, Omega 3s)

More information can be found at www.MPIcognition.com/reviewarticle.

Dr. Hausman-Cohen’s website is www.resilienthealthaustin.com

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