Changing of the Guard (Roast)

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Reported by Jackie Sinex

President Dale Lowe called the meeting to order. Rich Fikani led the group in pledges. Past President Sherry Workman gave our invocation. Whitney McKain led the Four-Way-Test. Guests were welcomed by David Palmer and Girish Altekar.

Recent member Aaron Schmidt earned his blue badge for completing the red badge program and being an active Rotarian. Congratulations, Aaron!

Don Bledsoe was recognized for 67 years in Rotary, 36 of them in our Club! Wow, Don, thank you for your service!

President Dale reminded the group to check in on Facebook and Meetup and other social media to spread the word about Rotary. He announced that no meeting would be held on the July 4th holiday, and meetings would resume the following week with incoming President Sara Pantin. Other announcements included: Thursday morning, Rotary Club members will meet for breakfast at the North Burnet location of Waterloo Icehouse; and Jack Mayo is scheduled to have shoulder surgery as soon as he gets the all-clear from a recent infection.

After fellowship, the program began with Mike O’Krent gracing the stage as his version of “President Dale”. He proceeded to exchange humor with the crowd at the expense of our beloved president (all in good fun of course).

Gaines Bagby shared a hefty amount of “low” jokes, while also citing the wonderful accomplishment of the club reaching 100% Paul Harris Fellow participation under Dale’s leadership and raising significantly more money for good causes.

Sherry Workman entered the stage with oversized glasses and an agenda-filled book and thumb drive. She thanked Dale for his service and contributions.

Michael Portman read a comical “list of notes” to the crowd and finished with a presentation of the Past President Gavel/Plaque.

Barry Curlee spoke next, mentioning that he was unable to find any “dirt” on Dale. (Therefore, he just made some up!) In one of his tall tales, we learned that Dale lost his hair in a bungee jumping accident. Finally, he presented President Dale with a roofing shingle with the writing “Thanks – Club” written in chalk along with the Past President Pin.

Julia Benkoski presented a gift of flowers to Dale’s wife Nancy for her support and encouragement.

In conclusion, members were asked to share sincere comments. Several members gave thanks to Dale, describing his welcoming presence at the top of the stairs greeting guests, how his challenge to achieve 100% PHF for the club resulted in elevating the District to the highest rank for the zone, how his support of Camp Enterprise was positive and effective, the generous use of event space at The Austonian for social events, his goal setting abilities, and for generally being a positive leader.

Thanks, President Dale, for your leadership in 2016-2017!

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