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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to be a member of the Rotary Club of Austin?  Annual Dues are currently $760 per year.

I understand there’s an “attendance” requirement. What if I can’t attend every luncheon meeting?  Don’t sweat this.  Attendance entitles our members to receive certain recognition throughout the year, and determines eligibility for voting in our annual elections. But there are many opportunities to earn “attendance credits” such as by participating in a Service Project, attending a Committee, Board of Directors or other official meeting of the Club or its Foundation, even attending one of our monthly Social events!  So, yes..while we have an “attendance requirement” it’s designed to encourage your participation … not to cramp your style!

I travel a lot. Can I attend other Rotary meetings and events?  Attending other Rotary meetings and events is a great way to not only earn an “attendance credit” (see above), but an excellent way to make new acquaintances and networking contacts. The nice part about having over 32,000 Clubs around the world is that you are WELCOME, no matter where you’re visiting!

What’s this “Financial Stewardship” stuff you mention?  Our Annual Dues cover only the operating expenses of our Club, but do not fund ANY of our projects.  As such, our members are asked to contribute annually to help support our projects and global initiatives. In most cases these donations are fully tax-deductible, and benefit in some cases from “multipliers” applied by the various foundations we’re associated with which help increase the impact of your stewardship!

The International Conventions sound fun! Where are the upcoming locations and can I attend?  Every Rotarian is encouraged to attend the Rotary International Conventions, and they are usually held in some pretty spectacular locations and venues around the world. They’re a great opportunity to meet other Rotarians from around the globe, learn about projects and activities going on elsewhere, and fuel your Passion for Rotary. The 2022 Convention will be in Melbourne, Australia.  After that, the host locations are scheduled to be: Singapore, Calgary, Taipei, & Honolulu. 

Is it all work and no play? What kinds of social events does the Club have?  By all means, we’re a fun bunch…and seem to always have a good time whether it’s working on a service project helping kids or cleaning up a blighted area of our community… but have an especially good time at events such as our Family Picnic and monthly socials…which lately have included Wine Tastings, Bowling Nites, Holiday soirees, and more!

What’s the difference between a Red Badge and a Blue Badge worn by members? The Red Badge is what’s given to a new member, and signifies their status to others in the Club. It’s an honor to welcome our newer members, encourage their involvement is various aspects of the Club, and help them to network and feel connected.  After accomplishing a few important steps within the first six months after joining, they “graduate” to Blue Badge status with all rights and privileges accorded to other Club members.

What is the Club’s major project or focus?  Being a large and active Club, we serve a lot of needs in our community, both here in Austin and around the world. However, the majority of the projects we seem to be involved in center around youth and education.

What is Rotary’s signature project, globally?  Since 1985, Rotary International has been on the front lines, along with the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, in the fight to eradicate polio worldwide. During that time, new cases have dropped from nearly 400,000 per year to less than 50 per year. We’re This Close!

Where does the Club direct its resources internationally, and for what types of projects?  We’re passionate about projects that help disadvantaged youth, deliver clean water to those in need, and provide medical assistance to the less fortunate. Many of our recent projects have been in Mexico and Africa, and we’re always on the lookout to partner with Clubs in other parts of the world.

What is the Club’s fiscal year, and why is that relevant?  All of Rotary International operates on a July 1-June 30 fiscal year.  That’s when our leadership positions change, when attendance and financial stewardship recognition is tabulated, and when Rotary gets a breath of fresh air with new energy, leadership, and vision!

Where can I find out about the Committees and Projects that might interest me?We have a bunch of information on our website about our “Avenues” of Service (in the “About” section), which group our initiatives into five broad categories of service to others.

Austin’s a large Club?  How can I be sure I’ll “fit in”? With approximately 140 members and 25+ Committees, there’s something here for nearly everyone.  It’s all about finding YOUR passion…if you know what it is, we’ll find the perfect spot for you.  Our Committees and Projects are always in need of vibrant, talented folks willing to serve others, and welcome our newest members to jump right in if they so choose!

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Tuesday at 11:45 AM
(Inside Ben Hur Shrine Temple)
7811 Rockwood Ln.
Austin, Texas

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Club Executive Director
phone: (512) 462-1333
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